Monday, November 25, 2013

Life with Nona: A long way from home.....part 8.

Life with Nona: A long way from home.....part 8.: [ Spiritual Fullness in Christ ] So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built ...

A long way from home.....part 8.

[ Spiritual Fullness in Christ ] So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:6-7 NIV

I got up & got dressed, got my stuff completely together & on the cart....and then headed down for some juice & fruit with a bagel. After getting my breakfast I headed to find a seat in the dining area....then I spotted Miss L & Little J at a table having their breakfast, they waved me over & I gladly sat down & enjoyed a wonderful visit with breakfast. When we finished they had to get their stuff together so they headed off to their room & since mine was together & ready to load, I decided to take the time & run across the street to get the kids their "treats" I promised to bring back. That was fun, as I was walking back I noticed that Special K was on top of M's Suburban, strapping down the luggage rack, then was loading the bags in it. While the rest of us helped load the rest of the stuff & got in & got's trip would be a LONG one....we were driving straight through to Fort Worth, from Florida. We all rode along the road next to the ocean, in a peaceful silence. Enjoying our last view of the beautiful white sand & ocean, we were headed to the beautiful green again....this time it rained & was beautiful. While we were driving, after the beautiful silence, I can't remember who, but someone started sharing a struggle in their life. I listened, we all did & after she was done, I had no idea, but I was in for another AMAZING part of this trip....a part that the other ladies had probably done similarly many times before, but this was my first retreat with this amazing group of women that God has dropped into my life like a huge group of it was brand new to me....they all shared words God had given them before, or had just given them at that moment.

Now, I have shared words He's given me, with people I fact I've lost people I love from sharing what He gave me....because I shared with them, instead of lifting it right back to Him & letting Him guide the way. For those losses, I am sorry, but I count it all blessings because He's growing me & when I learn each lesson, I hurt of those I love less. This time of prophesy was different, much different. This was about things He gave, only He knew, things that weren't shared. I listened & learned. At first when I heard Him whisper a word to me for someone, I held back & argued with Him.....I kept arguing "these women are much more righteous & holy than I could ever be!!!" The more I argued the louder the word got....finally I just asked if I could share the word He just gave me....totally expecting these women to all turn to me with a look saying "ARE YOU KIDDING NEWBIE?!?!?!?!?!" But that wasn't the case at all, they said yes of course & waited for me to share. I felt the relief of peace I get when I am obedient to God's calling...I don't get that peace anywhere else, EVER. 

The ride that day, consisted of mostly us sharing words & was amazing. We stopped at a Chik-fila to eat somewhere on our way home. We sat together across several tables, ate & chatted amongst ourselves....I noticed Little J got up & when I turned around, she was kneeling down talking to a young lady....then she started praying with this total stranger!?!? When she came back & sat down, I asked her "do you know them??" She said "no, God just told me to go I did." That moment was an eye opening moment for me. God doesn't ask us to do things that don't matter.

I will put a disclaimer here, I'm not an elephant so my memory isn't perfect. I do however trust the One giving me the words & I do remember the confirmations & instruction He gave me through these amazing sisters in Christ!!!

I don't know who He spoke through first, or what order, or even who said exactly what. But God showed me it was definitely Him I was hearing before, took away ANY doubt I had......."stop putting me in a box....move your feet, but wait for me to lead....I have a plan for it's Me when I give you words....realize who you are in Me...." I love the last one, C-1 said "you hear him girl, you have a great gift of discernment, you haven't even begun to realize the gifts you have, or what to do with them!!! He's got you on the fast track, just give Him the control & enjoy it!!!" Those may not be the exact words, but that's what I heard & have held onto as my inspiration to remind me, I only have to be still, listen & follow His lead.

It was a long drive, but it seemed to fly by. We even got stuck at some kind of a traffic ordeal, just the other side of M's house for quite awhile. Finally, we got back & helped the girls unload, they still had to drive 3 more hours home. We got unloaded, hugged the kids & I don't know what anyone else did that night, I went to bed & slept like a baby after thanking God over & over for everything & everyone. I woke up feeling blessed, there is no other word that can mean the same thing as blessed, to me. Enjoyed breakfast, we didn't have to fly home until the next day, so we had a whole day to hang & recoup. I got to enjoy the kids & get to know her family. It was wonderful, then everyone else was off doing their things. It was just M, Special K, me & princess B. I mostly listened while they talked about a ministry. We laughed & talked. I was talking about something, Special K spoke up & stopped me & explained her thoughts to me, then M stopped Special K & shared her view to her. The moment was filled with what the enemy could've used for his enjoyment, but praise God, He is faithful to gently get our attention!!

The next day, we boarded a plane back to the desert we called home. It was kind of bitter sweet seeing the changing colors of the ground below us. But the flight home was just another bit of time God used to give me more peace & hope, as my sweet, sweet sister, Special K told me several times, "if you feel overwhelmed & need to talk, pray, whatever, please don't hesitate to call me!!!" We got our bags & headed out the door, she walked me to my sister C's truck, while she waited for her hunney. After my bags were loaded, Special K hugged C & then me, I hugged her soooo tight & she held me tightly too, I told her thank you again, she told me, thank you. Then her hunny pulled up & we drove away. When we got out of the airport & onto the highway, C asked me, "so how was your trip?" I could only reply with the words He had given me, "Life changing, I met God........"

So, I'd like to finish with the words God has given me just now....when you hear God's whisper, be obedient & you'll be amazed at the wonderful plan He has to grow you more like Jesus.....Thank you for waiting patiently, I pray God uses this to reach you.