Thursday, December 5, 2013

Whoosh it can all turn in a millisecond...

The last few days, well couple weeks really, I'm clinging tighter onto the LORD, than I have in awhile.....not because He hasn't been right here with me, but because I started forgetting Who deserved the glory & forgot Who was REALLY in control.

I've been holding my breath, He being faithful & patient, has let me choose. I've learned in the last decade or so, what REALLY being a Christian means. It doesn't mean just going to church as one person & living the rest of the week as another. It means putting others before yourself, or forgiving those who hurt you. It means listening closely for my Creator's whispers & watching for the steps in His plan, not ours.

I can share with complete honesty, that I stumble my way through. I am learning how to TRULY relinquish ALL I am & where my true identity my Savior.

This time of year, lots of people remember our Savior & what His birth meant...along with shopping till they drop, for things that will have little to no meaning in a relatively short time.

But what we ALL fail to do, is remember that JESUS is the reason, for EVERY season....not just this time of year....EVERY day.

My family, like every other, has pain & heartache sometimes, but when we remember Who's in control & that we aren't alone, & seek God's perfect Will continually, we stand in His perfect plan & let Him lead us!!!

So take a moment every day to lift a word or 2 to the One Who's promised us that no pain in this world, will be more than the eternal joy we will receive...& Thank HIM for the pain & heartache, as well as trials of all kinds...He is just trimming away the ways of this world, so we are ready for our real home.