Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On your face, not your knees....doing life with my little girl

This is just gonna be a quick post...or that's what I think?? We will see what our Lord has in store. I was looking for a verse this morning. I have NO idea what verse, I only know I'm searching for it. I am a procrastinator when it comes to something that is work to me, but when I'm doing something I love to do...well let's just say if you look up the phrase OCD, it would have the definition with my picture. I recognize this is a struggle for me. I also recognize this is a piece of me that God warms regularly to make me rely on Him. I believe that He will, in His perfect time, burn away all the worldliness & I will have peace in this area of me.

Back to today, I was searching for a verse. I still haven't found it. But I trust my Daddy & I know that He will give it to me. For now I will simply share the feelings in this current valley. Mixed.....and there it is, the verse. Let me get that before I forget...

                   9 “The heart is deceitful above all things,
                                                           And desperately wicked;
                                                                                          Who can know it?
                                                                                                               Jeremiah 17:9 (NKJV)
This is the verse He just whispered in my ear as I started the sentence about my "Mixed feelings." My heart is tugging me one way & my soul a completely different way....His way, the right way. That's what my mind defines as mixed feelings. The world will judge the choice my child is considering, finding a much needed peace in. They will say things that will make my heart leap at them with every bit of my mama instincts....instincts modeled after His when melded down to the purest form. Instincts to protect my child. You see she's at a Y in her path. She can choose the path that will be hard on her but God's will, or she can choose to follow her heart....her human flesh heart. She seems to have found peace in a path that is NOT taken by MANY at all...not voluntarily anyways.
The moment she shared her choice with me, I have to say I was a little surprised, but I had the peace she had...not her peace, but a peace from my Savior all my own. I completely felt like this is the right choice...God's plan. I did the usual human questioning that will ultimately be a part of her future...this future. She just explained that it is strange but she finally has some peace. The peace she was chasing for so long actually. She didn't choose to follow the deceitful heart, the heart of flesh & this world, she's choosing to follow His Truth, His plan & do what He's asking her to do.
I will get back on here soon & share the whole amazing testimony, but right now I just found out sweet hubby was laid off of his temporary job today....so I need to get to filing his unemployment...thank You Jesus for always taking care of us!!!