Wednesday, November 26, 2014

...are you the difference maker??

...We are all transgressors, we're all sinners, we're all astronauts
So if you're beating death then raise your hand but shut up if you're not

'Cause I am the difference maker
Oh, I am the only one that speaks to him
And I am the friendliest of friends of God...
These are some of the words to a song called "I am a difference maker" by Need To Breathe. There is the whole song. I shared my favorite youtube version of it at the bottom of the page.
I'm a dvr watcher. I rarely watch live tv. If I am it's usually something my Sweet Hubby is watching, or one of the kids. I don't like commercials, especially during the seasons of political bashing. On the rare occasion that I catch the news, I'm usually overwhelmed by all the evil in the world today. Some of the things I hear chill me to my bone. I couldn't imagine being a keeper of the laws these days. I believe that God makes us each unique, but He also creates us for His purpose, to bring Him glory. In doing that He equips us with certain gifts to help us. He creates us to have a heart for things that let us feel His Presence & give us the sense of joy when we follow our calling...of course keeping Him the center of our lives is a big part of keeping to His path.
This all said because it seems to me that the news people want to keep the drama up, so they sensationalize certain bad, or certain good. I'm not naïve, I know it makes money...but doesn't that sentence make anyone else cringe?? I struggle with all the negative. It causes my anxiety to flare up...I struggle with a very real enemy. Panic & Anxiety disorder. 
God gifted me with discernment. A wonderful gift, when you learn that it's for Him. Others are gifted with different gifts, healing, teaching, protecting, serving...many more. I couldn't possibly list each, because I couldn't possibly know them all. But one thing I believe is this that God needs us all for unique paths, and He has a path for each of us. We have to choose it, but it's right here...right here.
When we make the choice to feed our flesh, to give into the flesh's desires, we aren't choosing that path. Our choices don't only affect our lives...there are many others God blessed us with that will be affected by our choices. Even the ones that are just passing by. God gives us the freedom of choice, but we can not be excused from the consequences those choices create. How would any one learn from the bad choices, or the good ones with out reward, or consequence?
I don't claim to know much about what happened with this officer who was not charged. I have only heard what broke in during a recording of a couple of my shows. The pictures they showed about what is happening because people "don't agree with the decision" shocked & disgusted anxiety came flaming up. What?? Really??? What kind of excuse is this to burn, steal, ruin business that had NOTHING to do with this decision??? This is deplorable behavior, unacceptable, NO EXCUSE.
The news channels are running these pictures & stories constantly...sensationalizing the divide in the colors of skin...I don't believe that this should be called "racism," my belief is Genesis 1:27 it says this...
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
I don't see anywhere in there where it says God created black, white, etc...It only says He created them in His image, men & women. So this divide between the different amounts of pigment we have in our skin, it's not racism. It's HATE plain & simple. It's from our enemy, satan. We're allowing this liar to play puppet master every time we perpetuate the lie that there is more than one race, the HUMAN RACE.
Now please don't think me naïve. I know that ignorance does exist in this world. I know that people hurt other people. There is evil in this world because satan is prince in this world. People have a choice to choose how they are going to live while they're in this world. My belief is I as Christ's chosen daughter, perpetuating the HATE being created?? or am I giving God my life & showing His LOVE, His mercy & Who is the ruler of my life?? My desire is that when others look at me, or my life, no matter when, where, or which part of me, they see the same thing, GOD. I don't think that people's hearts are to hurt anyone, or help the enemy dig the lines deeper between God's children, or even the non believers. 
 Most have been touched by the pain of loss at some point in their lives. And I know that some people's choices are not right. So what I go back to when I know either of these things, is prayer. 
God wants us to get on our knees & ask Him those hard questions. He wants us to go to Him, not listen to the lies of the enemy that the world & it's ways want to spoon feed us. If we let these beliefs get integrated into our hearts, we are allowing the enemy an in. We are choosing to give him a place to sit in our hearts.
What do I think will change this line between people who have more, or less pigment...getting into & REALLY living God's word. We cant claim to be doing these things unless when we read His Scriptures, we let Him shape these parts of us to be like Him, able to live the words. If every one who loves God really lived His word, we wouldn't live as if there is anyone who is not equal to the other. 

There are enough of us that LOVE God, that we could live like there is ONLY one race, the HUMAN RACE & I know that we could be difference makers...people are looking everywhere for that feeling, the peace that transcends all human understanding, I am, aren't you? What if we showed them where we found it?? Who we found it in?? How we have allowing God to be our center & learning from the molding He does. Let those who desire to, see Him in us. That means not being fake, not stressing over things, allowing them to see all our chaos & why we have peace. That we stumble & trip up, we are no more perfect than anyone else. We just choose to be shaped during the disasters & pain. We have to love, really love, even when we are at our worst...or when others are at theirs. In all of this we have to continue to choose God's truth over satan's lies.
Sorry I this subject was very touchy & I'm not really a very "politically correct" kind of woman. I more of a daughter of Christ kind.
Please join me in praying for all who are experiencing the pain of loss tonight, and every night. Whether it was sickness, accident, murder, or self's loss to those who loved them & it hurts. Let's lift up those involved in any of the schemes that satan is using to keep us distracted, while he tries to integrate his HATE into our hearts.
Thanks all for reading. Please feel free to share any thoughts or comments. Please enjoy this song, I'm just linking it from Youtube, I love this video.