Saturday, November 22, 2014

Every day is something to celebrate...

Today is "National Adoption Day." Some of you may have never had a reason to celebrate such a day. Today is a very special day to me...I am a birth mom & birth Nona. In my family adoption is celebrated. It hasn't always been like that. The first time I learned anything about adoption was in 1984 when my mom adopted my only sister's first child & suddenly I had another sister...of course I was 18, so it wasn't really like having another sister. There was much bitterness, worry, fear, etc... But she was a very sick baby & so sweet. I felt led to place a child, a son, when I had already had 2 of my children, I had Sr. (my oldest son) & Little Girl (my youngest daughter.) That decision I have never regretted. I know God's plan was for me to carry this baby boy, then the wonderful family He had chosen on the other side of the USA would raise him. He was created just for them & because of this, I've never felt a pang of "what if??" When God's plan comes together the way He creates it, it just creates a peace beyond all understanding.

Now I've seen adoption from another side. I have someone I love that was unable to follow through with placing the child with a family that was so excited for the child they knew they were being blessed with...when she backed out they cried & lashed out. The sad thing was they were right about what they said. In that situation the child ended up becoming my brother when I was almost 40. I see the struggles in this choice. It's not covered in the unexplainable peace that I know. All involved have been hurt, including the child. Another family member that I grew up with, in fact I went to my first bar with her...I was 13, she was 16. Of course there are many other things I remember about growing up so close too. Things that aren't bad choices, but good ones. I know when my only bio sibling, my sis' shot herself, it was her & her mom, my favorite aunt, that listened to me cry & cried with me. The amazing thing is, she also adopted one of my nieces, I had 2 nieces. My cousin found out she was adopted by the father she thought was her bio dad when she was in her 20-30's. She never knew she wasn't his, until someone decided to spill the beans. She struggled with that for many years in many damaging ways. I believe to this day, it still causes her to backslide.

For everyone of the bad stories, there are probably a whole lot more good stories. Like mine. I believe with every part of me that the difference is in the reason for the choice. I wasn't a Christian when I placed him with his parents. I believed in God, but it was in a legalistic way, a religious wrathful, angry God. My adoption moment is filled with joy, love & peace. I chose to believe God when He said, "This one is for a mom that I have chosen. I have chosen you to be the vessel to bring him into her arms." I can look back now, over 21 years later, and see how He orchestrated every fit my tiny bit of understanding. Back then I heard God, but didn't know it was Him, I realize this now. If I would've kept him & did it my own way, God's plan wouldn't have been fulfilled. Lives would be drastically different. I have talked with him in the past, the other mom's son, God clearly has shown me that he was NEVER mine, never intended for me, with details that I understand. He asked me if I "ever regretted giving him up for adoption?" I was totally honest with him, I told him "no, I've never regretted placing you in your mom's arms. She is your mom, God created you for her, I was just a vessel. I was blessed to be the one to carry you for your mom & dad." I hope with all my heart that I didn't hurt his feelings with that truth.

I shared a post recently called "Dear Little Feather..." I did my best to share that my daughter has been asked by God to be a birth mom. She struggled with believing she was strong enough, then she allowed God to be her strength & found that unexplainable peace. I am in awe of her faith. She is doing wonderfully & has had to cry with Nona a few times, but not because she's hurting because I am shedding a few tears at the loss of a sweet little feather. She reminds me that "God's in this..." I wipe my eyes & smile at the thought of how happy & giggly that sweet little feather is in the pictures & videos her mom & dad have been sharing. Back into His immense ocean of peace I go...knowing she is with her mom & dad & brother, the family God created her for.

So, today I share all of this chaos, to also share a request, a special request from this Nona, for her little feather. When Little Girl decided to listen & say yes when she finally heard our Lord's plan, it was a very unexpected surprise for little feather's family. They weren't expecting all the costs of adoption. I have no idea what they all are, but I know there are lawyers, court costs & other adoption expenses. They have been working on many different ways of earning the money for it like yard sales, online product sales from friends & they have set up a go fund me account. I have shared it over & over on my facebook page & will continue to do so. Now I'm asking you, can you help...either financially or through prayer?? Please step up if you believe in adoption, instead of abortion. If you believe God still performs miracles, or God plans a man's steps. If you've ever adopted a child, or are an adopted child, please take a leap of faith & help out however you can. Help them become complete.

Please also let me set this straight. I've been asked & others have to, if Little Girl will be getting any of the money. The answer is a HUGE NO. She isn't asking for any help at all, and she wont. She's trusting God & His promises. So here we go, if you'd like to help here's the link:

I'm hoping those one of those links work for you. If not I bet you could search for Jaelynn's adoption fund on

Thanks all.
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