Friday, May 17, 2013

shhhhhhhh......PRAY instead of speaking...

Matthew 12:3 (ESV)                                                                                               for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”


So, I've been very sick the last couple of asthma has been uncontrollable & steroids in my nebulizer is finally opening me up.....but the side effect of steroids, is the roid rage...uncontrollable angry outbursts. It's like you're not in your body, you're watching from inside as this monster mean girl is in control of you mouth, and actions.....for me, ugghh.

The ones who mostly suffer this wrath is my family, yep the ones I love the most. As of today, there is more here in our home. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to get the chance to build a strong relationship with my sister, and her kids, who came out from New York. We know this is a God thing, cuz we just happen to have 2 bedrooms open upstairs & I know He's bringing us together now, because we've never had the opportunity to get to know each other, our estranged mom always seemed to be in the middle of us and gossip was our best pastime together. But this year she moved 1200 miles away, and He brought my sister here. She's very outspoken, just like me & my other sister. She's about 18 years younger than me and she's just left an abusive marriage.

Also today brought our little girl & my princess back home. They are stepping back in & getting it together like mother like daughter she's very outspoken as well. So, I'm sure you're getting the picture. We all have the same genetic quality, speak before you think. Now we have all grown since being around each other, and I know that God is moving mightily in my home right now. He's definately got a great plan for these young moms & their amazing kids. I know somehow He will be using any of the 3 of us, or all/part of the 3 of us......I'm just doing my best to be still. I guess being sick has helped that.

I believe that sharing the truth with someone is awesome, if it's done within God's grace & mercy, and is His will, not ours. We run into the problem when we start to think we know better than Him what they need to hear. I have shared my main gift is Discernment, the problem I've run into with friends, family & just people I speak with, is that I am like a child with a stick of TNT. I have had no idea how to use this amazing gift He gave me....until lately. I have met someone else who truly has the same gift, true discernment.

Now she's a whole lot wiser, and learned a whole lot more already than I have. She recently shared a truth that both sank my heart & had it leaping for joy!! "God points out the truths, about these people not so we can spew it back at them, but so we can lift them right back up to Him, in prayer. If we speak this truth God shares with us, before we know what He's doing with it, the enemy can get ahold of it & use it".......WOWZERS!!!  All this time, I got these truths, they would hit me in the middle of conversations, anywhere.....I was blurting them out, I was losing people from my life left & right!?!? Praise the Lord, I had heard His message loud & clear, finally!!!

So, I know sometimes it can be easy to point our finger at someone & spew out what you believe to be truth.....but really, be still before you speak, listen for God's guidance, stop trying to do it yourself, remember this person doesn't know what God's telling you, may not even realize that this is an issue for them, so tread lightly.....don't slam them with it. Maybe God doesn't even have a plan for you to talk to the person about it at all. He's just wanting you to lift them in prayer.........